A desirable relationship - myth hunting instinct

Hunting instinct means your dog has the skill to hunt – but does not have to. If you observe headless hunting of your dog in your daily life – you can be sure that your dog is not out of control because of its (hunting) instincts. It is actually a break out of your paternalism. A desirable relationship cannot arise by demanding obedience

Enforcing obedience inhibits a dog’s freedom, because freedom is the opportunity to choose. Our dogs rebel against this inhibition. This is an important fact to consider when you attempt to convey a particular subject matter to your dog.

Voluntary cooperation is essential if you want your companion to master routine life situations. Obedience is the opposite of voluntary cooperation.

If you value your dog's autonomy as you do your own, you will discover a relationship that too many modern humans have forgotten about: A relationship based on mutual respect and equal terms.

This thinking leads to astonishing opportunities in the relationship, and accomplishing previously unattainable goals will become the new standard.


Create a strong collaboration between you and your dog – based on mutual trust.