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Leading safely without enforcement.

Be a leader not a prison guard

Our seminars are designed to get you up to speed with our revolutionary leadership-based approach, and when combined with our private classes programs you will gain the knowledge and confidence to relate with your dog in a whole new way.

There are a limited amount of spaces in the seminar to make sure that all questions get answered, but for your private seminar at your home we encourage you to invite family members who are open to participating at no additional cost.

While we are very much looking forward to meeting your dogs during your private seminar, they will not be allowed in the seminar because everyone's full attention is required in order to get the most out of the experience. The topics that we cover will go against many long held beliefs about our relationships with our dogs, and we anticipate a lively discussion.

The goal of both seminars is to give you an overview of the concepts of leadership and present you with a starting point to begin making the first changes in your daily life that will ultimately result in a happier and more rewarding relationship with your dog. For some owners this might be enough, but most likely the reason you are attending is because you are experiencing some level of frustration with the conventional methods of "obedience" training that are not producing consistent results. Maybe you think that your dog is a "special case" or you are having doubts in your own abilities. The private classes are designed to help restore your confidence while providing a positive learning experience for your dog. It is common for dogs to look forward to their sessions, especially once your leadership skills are honed resulting in their expanded desire to please you.

Duration Seminar: 5 hours / costs: 120$ | dates will be pronounced

Duration private seminr: 2 hours / 120$

Together we will develop the following skills

  • Change of perspective about our companion

  • Similar needs of human and dog

  • The subconscious levels of human and dog

  • Relationship can never develop by demanding obedience

  • The difference between obedience and voluntary co-operation

  • Voluntary co-operation and competence

  • Supporting voluntary co-operation instead of drilling obedience

  • Voluntary co-operation can not be forced

  • Bond and trust

  • Leading without enforcement

  • Leading means security

  • Freedom requires options

  • Distinction between praise and appreciation

  • Reliability versus consequences

  • Requirement of the daily life

  • Security in daily life means to succeed worst case situations

  • Define “Companion in daily life”

  • The journey is the reward: “STOP” ends the reliable recall

  • Myth hunting instinct

Book a private seminar at your home

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