Private Coaching

Create a strong collaboration between you and your dog – based on mutual trust. More than just dog training.

We only teach in private coaching. Each owner is different and so is each dogs. We want to make sure you reach your individual goal and want to pay 100% attention to you and your dog.

After each session you will get homework which you have to “solve” until next class

The first three times we will meet every two weeks, then every three weeks and closer to the end of the education once a month. But we will be closely connected via messages, emails or phone calls. We wish to get updates and if a questions arise, we are right there to help and guide you.

Skype or FaceTime

While our in-person services are currently only available on Oahu, we love our neighbor islands ohana and want you and your dogs to share in the benefits of this system as well. Our education is essentially knowledge coaching and a self-starting person with good observational skills would have much to gain from booking Skype or FaceTime sessions.

Together we will develop the following skills

  • Change of perspective about our companion

  • Similar needs of human and dog

  • The subconscious levels of human and dog

  • Relationship can never develop by demanding obedience

  • The difference between obedience and voluntary co-operation

  • Voluntary co-operation and competence

  • Supporting voluntary co-operation instead of drilling obedience

  • Voluntary co-operation can not be forced

  • Bond and trust

  • Leading without enforcement

  • Leading means security

  • Freedom requires options

  • Distinction between praise and appreciation

  • Reliability versus consequences

  • Requirement of the daily life

  • Security in daily life means to succeed worst case situations

  • Define “Companion in daily life”

  • The journey is the reward: “STOP” ends the reliable recall

  • Myth hunting instinct